Hi friends, I hope your week was smooth and uneventful πŸ™‚
I recently went to F21 and literally wanted to buy everything!!!!…if only I could haha
Their new spring stock is just to die for, prints everywhere I just wanted to own every little piece. I know in the past F21 has disappointed me in terms of quality, but I have stuff that has lasted forever!
I haven’t been out shopping in a while so this was much needed ha!
It might have to do with the whole festival vibe but I have really been into prints and “indie” fashion, this sweater from Charlotte russe is so adorable, I was looking for a kimono but when i came across this I couldn’t let go πŸ™‚
My dress is from F21, it was on sale. I love how free it is, so comfy but in future I will belt it up maybe..
On other news, while I try to stay happy and motivated on a daily basis, I’ve been receiving bad news from every corner. In just one week, I have seen friends, family and co-workers struggle with taking care of a dying loved one. Even though these dying people are not close to me, it still has struck a chord somewhere inside. As a nurse I see people die all the time and I am involved in keeping family members calm and sane at times like these, but it is still very sad when people you know are at the end stage of life (especially the young ones). On one hand life cannot stop because of these unfortunate events but on the other, there’s guilt from being happy when others are in tears..I honestly wish I could reach all of these people and comfort them in some way but, I can only pray that they are comfortable, free of all that may burden their souls and that they are in the arms of those they love. We all leave this world at some point, some early, some late….we can never understand or determine who goes when
On a happier note….I am very excited to share my outfit and already prepping for next week just because I can haha
Have an amazing weekend friends

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