Sunday spark!

I love the quote above, so much truth in it and I thought I would share it for some Sunday spark!
So… I’ve been binge-watching mad men all day because am sick 😩, I thought about going to church but the frequent sneezing and watering eyes made me think twice. I am not a homebody at all and staying home all day was hard…lol, I cleaned, did laundry and cooked (a lot of cooking and eating).

Other than all the eating, I also did some nail care, my absolute least favorite thing to do..but I always love my feet so much better after. Here are my holy grail nail care items:

I decided to go with blue nail polish to match the winter blues (jokes)..😏
And glitter (because a girl can never sparkle too much)
I also love the Sally Hansen cuticle remover, which works wonders! and because it’s winter and dry, I use the johnsons baby oil to soften my feet.
Have a lovely Sunday ladies and gents



Mailbox peak attempt 1

Hi friends,

So remember that post about “solo hiking” not being my thing?, well scratch that, I did it today and I have never been prouder of myself!
I knew none of my friends would join me on a January hike (40 degrees out), and my bf’s working schedule is insane – he can barely tell whether it’s day or night anymore so I ventured out on my own…..I couldn’t wait any longer.
I chose mail box trail, which I have wanted to go on since summer, I read reviews on WTA, and decided I was up for the challenge. So I unfortunately got up late, no traffic (1 hr away), and I wasted 15 mins trying to find parking since the road to the trail’s parking lot was closed. Found parking a mile away from the trail (I was determined!! nothing could stop me. Haha)

Started up the trail at 12:30, I was so excited at the start,

And then I hit 3 miles of upward gaining feet, no soul in sight , just endless trees, I contemplated going back but I kept pushing. I knew the sun would set at 4:30 pm so I promised myself if I didn’t reach the top by 2:45, I would turn back. Most people reach the top within 2-3 hrs so I hoped to really see that mailbox. In total(both ways) the hike is supposed to be 9.5-ish miles so when I hit mile 5 I was really confused ( I was using my Nike gps app), I started seeing people and they warned me the hike to the top was no trails just climbing up rocks and that I needed a flashlight for my way back down – I had one ☺️, and a survival kit too lol
Anyway, when I met this couple sitting in the woods, the girl looking like death, I gave them half my food, despite the fact that I was dying myself.
So I got to the end of the forest at this open spot literally less than a mile from the mailbox but it was 3:15pm and no way Jose was I going back in the dark. So my adventure ended that close to the freaking mailbox but I’ll be back (earlier) and I shall conquer you mailbox peak!!

The beautiful views at my stop – the sun was setting

I was way too excited to eat these cookies




I had a blast! Am glad i went solo, it was a much needed me-time, solo date.

“money fills pockets, adventure fills the soul”

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Mexican girl

So today was just a normal work day, until I went to get dinner at this Mexican restaurant close to my job and the lady serving me was exceptionally nice, you know, the genuine kindness that most customer service people lack? (At least in Washington). She went an extra mile of sampling drinks for me when I declined something just because I didn’t know what it was (which I was gonna pay for anyway, with or without). The drink was horchata btw which is “aww-sum”, She made my day without even knowing it.
On another note, I am craving SUMMER!!!, I miss hiking (and yes I can still go out but no one will go with me, and solo hiking isn’t for me – what if I get attacked by coyotes? 😳) , here is a list of my top 3 musts at least in spring:

– Palouse falls, Wa :
this place is heavenly from the pictures I’ve seen from pnw’ers

– three ice caves

– Olympic national forest (it’s so large and the trails are awesome)

old pictures below of last summer:

Reminiscing summer days - lake louise wa

Reminiscing summer days – lake louise wa



IMG_0836 IMG_0838




Hey friends!

If you can’t tell by the topic that this post is about my latest favorite book then you need to grab yourself a copy. The Goldfinch is by far one of the best books I’ve read/listened to in a while. I read at least one book a month now that I’m not in school, and I have a grown-up full-time job, meaning I don’t have as much “free” time as I used to, so I try as much as I can to sneak in a book. Most of the time I use audible to listen to books on my commute to work (about 30-45 mins), and saves me from the public humiliation of displaying my dance moves to fellow drivers on the I-5 (I can’t pass on a good song if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ ). Anyhow, if you’re a bookworm and looking for a good book, the Goldfinch will not disappoint. It is a drama that made me cry and laugh out loud alone in my car.

On other news, here’s a weekend recap: I had the best weekend with some of my girlfriends I hadn’t seen in a while, I got to see Taken 3, which was AMAZING! Here are some pics of my outfit and deets πŸ™‚



Black top – F21
Basic blue jeans – H&M
Antique gold necklace – F21



picture taken at chambers bay, washington state.


Put 100% in all you do this week, and at some point it will all pay off.



Oh Mickey you’re so fine…


How adorable is my Mickey Mouse shirt??
It was love at first sight, especially because I owned a similar shirt when I was a “minnie”
It’s so comfy at this time of year and to make it a little girly I added accessories.


Dress to please yourself, be playful, take life one step and a time, release the child in you once in a while, listen to your inner muse and watch life be beautiful around you”



Sweatshirt – forever21
Pants – Ross
Blue flats – Payless
Necklace – gift (local Kenyan store)
Earrings – Charlotte rousse
Watch – August Steiner




This is Esther – sister style

Hi friends!

Guess who’s on my blog today?
My little sister Ess. She is very stylish and am always looking forward to seeing what she’s put together, so I decided to share her style here.


I love how well the pieces complement each other. A simple black and white outfit gone edgy through the faux leather pants, well balanced by the leopard print flats and brought to life by the very chic coral bag that I dropped dead for (wishing it was mine).
I hope you all love this outfit as much as I do and keeps your eyes peeled for the next πŸ˜ƒ

Bag- mr price, kenya
Shoes – bata, Kenya
Top and pants – local flee market

Coral hand bag

Pics courtesy of my lovely sister.

Kicking it back to basics.



Basic white tee and a pair of blue jeans is always a classic go to outfit. I love simplicity and minimal outfits on the daily, you can practically go anywhere with these and if you are more “glam” , accessorize it and throw in some heels or boots πŸ™‚
Simple, comfy and stylish.


I paired my look with these cute old navy flats.


Keep calm and stay classic.

1st day of 2015 in style


I loved my first day of 2015. I was lucky to have today off and had a laid back day at the lake (yes it was freezing, but I was well dressed for it -wink-)

Sweater : Forever21
necklace: Forever21
Coat: H&M
Tights: H&M





And of course the beautiful sunset at green lake πŸ™‚



New years resolutions ?

I feel like the ultimate way to jinx myself is by making new years resolutions, but I will go ahead and make declarations instead (insert harry potter voice)…

– I declare to be bolder this year (my mind is filled with ideas it’s about to explode, but yet I shy away from exploring this ideas)

– I declare to be less afraid of failure (this is how we learn)

– I declare to appreciate my friends and family a little bit more than i’ve done in the past

– I declare to not live by comparison, but through expression of who I am (we are all more beautiful in and out than we think we are)

– I declare to smile a little bit more to strangers (I am that person who gives back a look of horror when a stranger smiles at me) – ode to my Nairobi up-bringing where sass was rather important lol

– And last but not least…..I declare to learn how to code (I have always wanted to since high school days – as a hobby)

– love purejackie-

Granola recipe

Best home-made granola

I love Granola, and sometimes I can’t seem to find good granola without excessive amounts of sugar in it.

I finally got a hold of a friend’s granola recipe and it’s heaven!


1/4 cup honey

1 tsp salt

2 cups rolled wheat

1/3 cup sugar(brown or white. I prefer none)

1/3 cup fruit of choice(e.g almonds, dried cherries, dried raisins etc)

1 tbsp yogurt (flavor of choice), I love vanilla, you can also use pure vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon(optional)

3 tbsp oil


Preheat oven, 450 degrees and place baking pan/sheet in to heat for a few mins

In a large bowl mix oil, honey, yogurt/vanilla extract and sugar until they are completely mixed

In another larger bowl mix the cinnamon, salt, and oats

Then pour out the honey mixture into the oats and mix well

Then pour out the mixture evenly on the heated pan, make sure you spread the mixture out

Then bake for 15 minutes then add the almonds and turn the baking granola using a spatula

Return in oven and bake for 30 minutes

then remove and wait for it to cool down, then sprinkle dried fruits and raisins

serve with milk or however you like your granola

enjoy πŸ˜‰