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Hey guys, I recently visited a wild refuge close to where I live and had a little photo sesh at the end. I hadn’t been  out “in the wild” for a while so this was just awesome….the fresh air, eeriness of the river flowing and trees blowing as i walked on the dirt paths, with birds singing and frogs croaking (ok, enough of that.. … Read More Nisqually

Marching into…

It’s march ladies and gents!, whoa, this year is starting to get old already. Like my cheesy clever post title btw? Spring needs to show up asap because I need some life in me. Today I was really excited to explore, esp because I thought we’d get some sun(it was sunny all weekend but i was stuck indoors braiding my hair, and binge watching dexter 🙂 … Read More Marching into…

Being humble and patient

Yesterday I was really upset when I posted that long career change post because of some bad experiences at work. My work environment is very chain-command oriented and people boss each other a lot. If you know me well, you know that I hate confrontations and being told what to do (bossy pants personalities), unless of course it is my manager, who is a … Read More Being humble and patient

“Plot twist”

Unfortunately my week didn’t start so well, I got some bad news and I am trying so hard not to linger and think about it.. I hope y’all are having a good week and if not, just remember sometimes life has to have plot twist, we can’t always have all the things we want, but learn to be persistent and work harder than before. … Read More “Plot twist”


Take me outside

It’s been raining all day every single day, and when the sun pops up at sunset am trapped indoors working. Today was very strange in terms of weather, It was pouring rain and dark clouds on one spot and sunshine on a different spot, I literally stood outside to watch this weird thing happen…ok enough about that interesting topic on the weather. Today I … Read More Take me outside


Working for the weekend

Last week was literally one of my hardest weeks at work, at one point I felt like bursting into tears because of how crazy everything was getting and am glad I work with some really helpful people. But these kind of days make it worthwhile when you have some days off. All that aside, this was the most epic weekends I’ve had in a … Read More Working for the weekend

Romper daze

Hi guys, A few days ago I got to wear my new romper out. I definitely can’t wait to wear it in the warm summer days. Remember my “oh for Pete’s sake” post, the top I wore in that post has the same pattern as my romper, ha!, I bought them together at f21, the fabric is different though….so not the same clothing (as … Read More Romper daze


Fierce things First!

Hello, This season for some odd reason all my dreams are comprised of camel colored Blazers/coats, despite the fact that it’s not fall anymore but who care about rules?.I love how subtle and warm the color is, and the many possibilities you have with it in terms of outfits. I recently pinned this outfit; And then my sister wore a similar outfit on her … Read More Fierce things First!


Sunday spark!

I love the quote above, so much truth in it and I thought I would share it for some Sunday spark! So… I’ve been binge-watching mad men all day because am sick 😩, I thought about going to church but the frequent sneezing and watering eyes made me think twice. I am not a homebody at all and staying home all day was hard…lol, … Read More Sunday spark!


Mexican girl

So today was just a normal work day, until I went to get dinner at this Mexican restaurant close to my job and the lady serving me was exceptionally nice, you know, the genuine kindness that most customer service people lack? (At least in Washington). She went an extra mile of sampling drinks for me when I declined something just because I didn’t know … Read More Mexican girl


Hey friends! If you can’t tell by the topic that this post is about my latest favorite book then you need to grab yourself a copy. The Goldfinch is by far one of the best books I’ve read/listened to in a while. I read at least one book a month now that I’m not in school, and I have a grown-up full-time job, meaning … Read More The GOLDFINCH!!

Kicking it back to basics.

Basic white tee and a pair of blue jeans is always a classic go to outfit. I love simplicity and minimal outfits on the daily, you can practically go anywhere with these and if you are more “glam” , accessorize it and throw in some heels or boots 🙂 Simple, comfy and stylish. – I paired my look with these cute old navy flats. … Read More Kicking it back to basics.