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Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route

Healthcare systems comparison: Germany & the United States.

Recently, I have been following the U.S healthcare reform talks, with Biden becoming president, and I started seeing a lot of Americans in Germany talking about their experiences with the German healthcare system, usually praising it. Majority of these people are in their 20’s & 30’s , usually this is a healthy age group, and seem to have had wonderful experiences with the German … Read More Healthcare systems comparison: Germany & the United States.

Tour du mont blanc – Packing list

I recently hiked Tour du mont blanc in mid-siptember 2021, and have put together a hiking list for essentials I needed on the hike, in the hopes that this will help someone else, because I know how lucky I felt to find an all inclusive list that I could use. This list is for people who will be staying in the mountain refuges or … Read More Tour du mont blanc – Packing list

Hiking tour du mont blanc in 7 days.

During the very long lockdown from fall 2020 to summer 2021, I somehow managed to hike every weekend with a few friends who live in my area. We always looked forward to getting out of the house every Sunday and hiking for 2-3 hrs, and I found myself spending a lot of time making lists of trails nearby and discovering more trails in Germany, … Read More Hiking tour du mont blanc in 7 days.

Alsace, France.

South east France is one of my favorite destinations in Europe currently, because of the charming villages along the wine route, and it’s close proximity to us. It is also full of delicious food. To properly visit this region of Alsace, you have to have a car in order to see the vineyards and little villages sprinkled in between. The most famous villages in … Read More Alsace, France.


Traveling while black

My first solo travel experience as a black African woman was in Venice Italy. I enjoyed Venice a lot and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it because I think everyone needs to see it at least once in their lifetime, but I also experienced blatant discrimination because of the color of my skin.

How to become a travel nurse in Germany

Curious about traveling in Europe & not having to put your nursing career on hold? then read below on how to successfully get a travel RN position in Germany. The position is in an American hospital/s so you don’t have to worry about starting to learn German or acquiring the equivalent of an RN license in Germany. This post may be helpful to military … Read More How to become a travel nurse in Germany

PCS’ing to Germany (Our experience)

Is it time for your permanent change of station?, in short PCS..have you found out you are moving to Germany?, well I hope sharing our experience can help you in your move here. My husband & I PCS’d in early august 2019 to Kaiserslautern Germany & there’s a lot I wish I knew before the move, despite my extensive research months prior to the … Read More PCS’ing to Germany (Our experience)

Traveling during the pandemic

Today is Monday, May 4, 2020 & I am currently on a flight to Frankfurt Germany which is now home for the next 3 years. I had traveled to the U.S (Kansas City to be precise) for FNP clinicals & got stuck there due to the worldwide pandemic. I remember chatting with my husband in late January about the coronavirus situation in China & … Read More Traveling during the pandemic


Surprising my husband with a trip to Swedish Lapland

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So unfortunately last year when my husband was deployed, I forgot to call and wish him a happy birthday on the actual day. I know what you’re thinking, worst wife ever! I know…but to backtrack a bit, I had spent the month prior gathering items to construct a box of special goodies I could send to the Deployment location … Read More Surprising my husband with a trip to Swedish Lapland

Copenhagen – One day self guided tour.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I put this list together the night we got to our hotel, shared it with my husband, and we tag teamed to see everything. Copenhagen is the easiest city ever to navigate, and their metro is truly a luxury compared to many other cities we have visited. It was also very easy to buy tickets from the airport for … Read More Copenhagen – One day self guided tour.

Swedish Lapland 4 day itinerary

*No affiliate links used. All recommendations are based on real experiences. I had initially booked an organized trip where the company (Nordic visitor)takes care of everything for you apart from flight tickets to Sweden ( price includes 3 days food, activities & accommodation) because I didn’t know anything about Sweden & frankly was a bit stressed out about the initial planning. They however canceled … Read More Swedish Lapland 4 day itinerary