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Poipu Beach

Aloha family!, am still in Hawaii but this week am solo in Kauai. Today was bittersweet – I dropped off Ian at the airport; he went back home since he has to get back to work and I get to stay here for a few more days (long boring story you don’t care about ha-ha) After dropping Ian off, I was so sad and … Read More Poipu Beach

Engaged at Hanakapi’ai falls – 6/7/15

Guys am beyond excited to announce that the love of my life proposed to me yesterday here in Kauai. Now Kauai has a spot in my heart and a lot of wonderful memories. This vacation has literally been going up hill in terms of highlights ha-ha, its like a wonderful dream that I never want to wake up from. Kauai is breathtaking, the people … Read More Engaged at Hanakapi’ai falls – 6/7/15

In Paradise day 1

Guys, I just landed in paradise aka Kauai island in Hawaii and it’s breathtaking out here. Right off the plane and onto the beach while waiting to check in into the hotel. Hawaii is 3 hours behind in time difference from Washington, so my day just got 3 extra hours in it….yeah am not complaining ha-ha Life here is so laid back and slow, … Read More In Paradise day 1