How to become a travel nurse in Germany


Visiting Cinque Terra – Summer 2020 (post-COVID). Only an hour flight & 2hr train ride away 🙂

Curious about traveling in Europe & not having to put your nursing career on hold? then read below on how to successfully get a travel RN position in Germany. The position is in an American hospital/s so you don’t have to worry about starting to learn German or acquiring the equivalent of an RN license in Germany. This post may be helpful to military spouse RNs or even civilian RNs curious about working outside of the continental U.S.

  1. There are temporary (90 days) & permanent positions (2-3 yrs) & these are through a travel company. So you apply for the position & if you are qualified, you can get relocated (if not in Germany already) or hired as a local hire.
  2. You have to have a solid knowledge/experience in the field you are applying for. For example, I have been an ICU nurse for 4 years (Neuro, trauma, Cardiac, general medicine & surgery), so I feel competent in any type of ICU setting. I would however probably not get hired for a burn ICU position because I don’t have that knowledge base & they are not willing to train you for new positions.
  3. Be patient. The process for doing backgrounds & getting approved to start can take more than 6 months, so be patient.
  4. Perks of the job: You are in Europe! You get to travel & not worry about money like you would if you just booked a vacation. Utilize your time here, travel as much as your little heart desires because you may never get this chance again.
  5. Cons of the Job: the patient acuity may not be as high because of the population (generally healthy), but you will get to learn new things too that are only specific to U.S hospitals in Germany.
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Travel nurse in Germany

Companies that hire U.S travel nurses to work in Europe: Sterling Medical company & Choctow Staffing solutions (RN positions in women’s health clinics)

*Disclaimer – This post has not been sponsored by any company. No financial compensation is gained by author of the post.

All the best in your research! I hope you found this helpful. I know I could have used this when we initially moved here.


2 Comments on “How to become a travel nurse in Germany

  1. Hey Jackie,

    Can I have more information on what travel agency and hospital you worked for?

    • Hi Kat,

      I used Sterling medical staffing agency and worked at Landstuhl army hospital.

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