Copenhagen – One day self guided tour.

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I put this list together the night we got to our hotel, shared it with my husband, and we tag teamed to see everything. Copenhagen is the easiest city ever to navigate, and their metro is truly a luxury compared to many other cities we have visited. It was also very easy to buy tickets from the airport for the metro. If you get a pass, you can use the metro & buses for a few days.

Where to stay

Hotel Kong Arthur

Staff are so nice and they have a happy hour with free wine every night in the lobby. This hotel was absolutely gorgeous and very inexpensive.

Where to eat

On our way to the hotel from Nørreport train station, there was a food hall with food stalls inside (if you’re walking it’s hard to miss), but it was closing so we couldn’t buy food here. I however heard from a tourist I met in Copenhagen that the food is really good.

The food at Host.

At Aamans 1921 on New Year’s Eve.

Copenhagen was a joy to visit, even though for just a short while. I loved going into a coffee shop and people watching because everyone was so impeccably dressed.

We will be back in the summer for sure.

2 Comments on “Copenhagen – One day self guided tour.

    • I wonder why you didn’t like it…we were only there’s for a hot second but plan on going back on the summer

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