Home alone on Christmas


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Christmas is my favorite time of year but since moving away from home 9 years ago, I have found myself alone on Christmas Day a few times. Some have been by choice and some not. My favorite Christmas Day celebrations have been with friends over the years, and on some I spent at work. I found that spending Christmas with other people’s families makes me quite homesick, so I often decline family invitations. On the other hand, spending Christmas with friends is fun, light, no strings attached sought of time, and I have come to really enjoy this. Ian works on most Christmas days unfortunately but when he isn’t working, it’s nice to just make a meal and stay home together.

This year in Germany, Ian was able to get time off for his birthday (Dec 22) and New Years + new years eve, so he had to work on Christmas. We had several people reach out, inviting us for dinner, but I declined because I did not want to attend without Ian there. I opted instead to go to Strasbourg, France and walk around the streets and explore the city. It’s supposed to be nice and quiet since most things will be closed for Christmas. I am joining a historical walking tour in the evening for 2 hrs, so my plan is to have a nice Christmas breakfast with Ian before he leaves for work, then leave for Strasbourg in the afternoon. It’s only a 2hr drive from my house and the weather will be nice so am excited.


If you’re ever alone on Christmas or Christmas Eve, don’t sit and ponder why you’re alone, get out of the house and explore a new place or join an activity with others who are alone on the same day, whether by choice or not. This year I am just grateful we are not in Missouri, but instead, we are in beautiful Germany, and that I can choose from an array of exciting new places to go visit.

Happy holidays! I hope you had a good one.

Crowds admiring the Strasbourg cathedral.

update: Since I didn’t post this when I was supposed to (before Christmas day), it’s only right that I update you. Strasbourg France was NOT EMPTY LIKE I THOUGHT it would be!!. I met some nice people from Argentina, Chile & China, and we ended up going to the bar later and trying some Alsatian beer. I made a vlog too.


Magical Strasbourg at night


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