Today is Ian’s and I anniversary (we met on a rainy 2012 Halloween night) and I found myself mentally going back to the good ol’ days in the pacific northwest. Tacoma will always have a special place in my heart because nothing beats the memories we had there, good or bad. I miss driving downtown via the scenic route so I could look at cute homes and drive by the water (Ian was not a fan of this but I never backed down, and we always took the scenic route haha)
We now live in Germany and so many things about the weather here remind me of the PNW. I love waking up to a foggy morning with a good view of the forest, and the current autumn-air is rather refreshing, and I have been told that winter gets gloomy and rainy here; (and even though its not considered great weather) this delights me and I can’t wait! haha

For our anniversary we decided to visit Saarbrücken (a German town with a french accent) – a town near the border of France & Germany. It is in the 2nd-smallest German state, known for its wines and Michelin star restaurants. We hope to just unwind, enjoy some good food & see what Saarbrücken has to offer.

I have posted some photos I took in Tacoma that I really loved capturing and that bring back lovely memories. Enjoy!

Photos taken outside a greenhouse in Downtown Tacoma, WA.

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