View from the Schloss (castle).

These last few weeks Ian has been working non-stop and I have been immersed in school work & unpacking our endless household items. I had promised myself that I would run at least 2 miles 3x a week or maybe do a daily long walk on one of the trails near us, but I found myself stuck in PJs in the house putting furniture together, cleaning, making meals and just attempting to read a chapter here and there & also attend my weekly classes.

Anyway, this weekend we managed to get away, get on an early morning train to Heidelberg and just spend all day walking around and discovering beautiful Heidelberg. I had underestimated the potential that this city had, and I was pleasantly surprised by how charming it was.

First stop – Schloss (castle)

This castle area is huge. You can hike up the cobble stone path or go up the 300 steps, or take the cable car up. We walked up the cobblestone path, saw the garden, viewed the city from the top, and made our way around the castle and down the stairs. You could pay to go into the courtyard and there’s a restaurant in there too, but we opted out of this.

– Apothecary museum : it is next to the Schloss

Altstadt : we then made our way to the old town or Altstadt and strolled around looking for food. There are endless food options and all look so delicious.

Philosophenweg or philosophers walk:

After stuffing ourselves with Korean food near the old bridge, we crossed the bridge and walked over to the Philosophenweg. It consisted of a million and one steps (jokes..but it did seem like it), so be ready to work those quads. The path is beautiful and the views are breathtaking.

After the hike/walk we decided to check into our hotel because we were both really tired.

Next on the list before we leave:

Get cocktails at a rooftop bar/restaurant with a view of the city & river

River cruise on the Neckar river

Stroll around the oldest university in Germany : Heidelberg University

Maybe shop/window shop in the city

We have fallen in love and can’t wait to come back and visit again!

2 Comments on “Heidelberg

  1. I can relate to the part where you promise yourself to run x times in a week and never do it. I take it easy on me and run whenever time allows me to do so. Sometimes, I do small workouts at home just so I am kidogo active. How is it going with unpacking? Also, Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

    • You’re welcome I love your content! Unpacking is still underway, hopefully it will come to an end this weekend 🙂

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