Life in Europe

chocolate in Brugge

It has been exactly 2 years since my last blog post so let’s catch up.

What has happened since Oct 2018 – I was waitlisted for CRNA school and eventually didn’t get in. This actually makes me happy looking back because I think I am in a better path now; something that I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life and be able to balance family life & career.

– Ian and I moved to Germany
– I started graduate school – nurse practitioner

Life in Germany has been a very good change for us, initially stressful to get settled and try to learn some passable German to get by, but I think we are both doing good. Since coming to Germany (it’s only been 2 months) we have become more active since it is very walkable i.e – the grocery stores, restaurants and train stations are all less than a mile from our house, and yet it is a very quiet neighborhood.

Typish Brugge
Things we both love about Germany:

1. Access to the rest of Europe and the ease of traveling​
2. How walkable it is
3. How beautiful Germany​ is and the amount of trails & forests all around
4. How environmental conscious German people are
5. Amount of bakeries & delicious bread everywhere

Things we are adjusting to so far in Germany:

1. The amount of smokers everywhere. I seriously feel like I will get addicted to nicotine just by inhaling all the cigarette smoke
2. Autobahn speed limits – They literally change so quickly, so you have to slam on your brakes because you know there is a hidden camera somewhere behind a bush ready to capture!!! Ian already has been flashed 😦

Ok. That is it for now. I am planning on being a more consistent blogger so please come back every week 🙂

Blumen en Brugge

Enjoy some photos from our trip to Brugge!

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