Minimalist outfit of the day

Hello friends,

Today am sharing my favorite kind of post…outfits!, I have been wearing very minimal outfits because its summer and super hot, and today I got excited when I wore this dress that I haven’t worn since winter because it was too tight, but voila…haha
minimalist hair

This summer I have fallen in love with the minimalist look..less is more type of deal, or rather am forced to wear less unless I want to literally fry my body parts
minimalist dress code_Fotor
minimalist look
Am also enjoying wearing out my hair since it has grown from the teenie weenie afro that it was last year. Are you guys enjoying your summer so far or winter/cold months, for those on the other side of the world? As you can tell I am soaking up all the sun and packing on the vitamin D before the sun disappears.
minimalist wear
Have a lovely week friends πŸ™‚

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