The fear of being truly you

We all have a crippling fear of completely letting others see who we truly are at times, because we are afraid of judgement and labels. In today’s world where everyone is so digital, we all somehow have an online presence and its scary to know that what we put information out there that is free for masses and masses of people all over the world to see, and of course judge you from this content, so in most cases, people fabricate or sugar coat their lives to seem more pleasant, more interesting and its almost like competing against each other. However it doesn’t have to be so, for example, when I started a blog, my intent was to write content that I would look back on someday and be reminded of how I thought at a certain time, what I was up to etc..but I kind of found myself shifting towards posting what seemed relevant to others and this is ok, but its not what my goal is.


It is incredibly amazing to have the freedom to express your thoughts without having to put up walls or please others, but the human part in us is always striving for the latter and sometimes peer pressure is involved too. I have had friends tell me to write about certain things because that’s whats trending at the moment and I need to be in the same current as everyone else, but they obviously miss the point of why you are doing what you are doing.

Life is too short to do what you do for the approval of others, be your own competitor, encourage and help others so you can learn and grow, go against the current and don’t look around to see what others think of you and for a moment……just go offline, read a book or talk to someone new face to face and just live life!

Another wrong thing that has been ingrained in us today esp in the western world, is the need to always surround yourself with a ton of friends all the time, which completely false. We all should be very comfortable being able to spend time alone, and its totally ok to not go out every night or every weekend with tons of friends. It does not mean you are incapable of being liked/being sociable, some people have said to me at some point that people usually don’t last as their friends or they are not likable etc (self-deprecating) and its just so wrong to have this mentality, be comfortable with yourself, we are all weird in some ways and thats what makes us unique. Not everyone will like you, and that is fine, be you most importantly.

Lastly, be one to make others feel good about themselves, be honest with friends who lack self-confidence and help them realize how incredibly unique and amazing they are. The things we do for others help build who we are. Just live life and worry less about other’s opinions.

-love jackie-


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