Island girl

coconut beach sunrise
Today is my last full day in paradise AKA Kauai….. I want to cry just thinking about going back to Washington..dull and cold PNW, but all good things do come to an end. My favorite things to do in Kauai were definitely sunrise/sunset watching, people watching on the beach/conversations with strangers(everyone here is so happy…maybe its all the Vit D ha-ha) and hiking because waterfalls are everywhere literally!
Oh and of course I will miss driving around in a jeep wrangler listening to island music!!!, when I was a teenager back in Kenya I always dreamt of owning a jeep…..if only the thing wasn’t such a gas guzzler in reality haha..someday
Did I forget to mention the food?…omg I ate so much in the past 2 weeks its unbelievable! I just can’t resist all the good food here…ono ono (very good in hawaiian haha)
Today I spent all day reading my book at Anini beach and playing in the water. This beach is really cool because it is the only safe beach to swim in,(for kids and weak swimmers esp) around the east side and north shore. Most beaches in Kauai have very strong winds blowing and hence very strong waves in the ocean (perfect for surfers and expert ocean swimmers), making them very unsafe and many have lost their lives exploring them.
I wore my Macy’s 2 piece swim suit at the beach, which is my favorite and I got so many compliments from other ladies I thought it was at least worth mentioning on the blog. No judging my kalua pork belly ha ha (having a beach body is: “having a body and taking it to the beach” lol) I’ll start working off the vacation weight gain when vacation is over!
Guys I hope you enjoyed my Kauai posts, I would love to share vacation ideas if any of you ever decided to travel to Kauai, I went everywhere on this island guys…EVERYWHERE!! haha, if I posted everything I would overwhelm you aloha until next time 🙂
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