best sunset in hawaii
Aloha family!, am still in Hawaii but this week am solo in Kauai. Today was bittersweet – I dropped off Ian at the airport; he went back home since he has to get back to work and I get to stay here for a few more days (long boring story you don’t care about ha-ha)
After dropping Ian off, I was so sad and kind off wished I had left too…It felt lonelier driving alone with no one to talk to, but I knew I needed to turn this around and enjoy Kauai solo as much as I could. Once I got back to my hotel room, I made a list of places/things I wanted to do (I am very spontaneous and not in a good way, so having a plan is rather helpful). In slow and quiet places like Kauai, being a round people is better than finding quiet, solitary places…at least for me, so I started off by going to wailua falls where I interacted with people along the hike…If you ever go to Wailua falls, don’t hike to the bottom of the hike if in doubt ha-ha, it’s literally rock climbing without a harness..but I made it…yay!!
wailua falls
then I headed to Poipu beach which is known to have among the best sunsets in Kauai and you can spot tons of sea life by the beach. I saw more than 10 sea turtles (huge ones) and little “fishies” , some people claimed to have seen monk seals (among the endangered sea life species in Hawaii islands and are very rare to spot)
poipu sea turtles
poipu beach kauai
Admiring my ring in the sunset..sorry guys, can’t help it
poipu beach
poipu sunset

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