Engaged at Hanakapi’ai falls – 6/7/15

Guys am beyond excited to announce that the love of my life proposed to me yesterday here in Kauai. Now Kauai has a spot in my heart and a lot of wonderful memories. This vacation has literally been going up hill in terms of highlights ha-ha, its like a wonderful dream that I never want to wake up from. Kauai is breathtaking, the people are friendly (that small town feel) and the food is the bomb dot com (we’ve been stuffing ourselves without a care in the world, beach body out the window ha-ha)
Engagement story: My now fiancé – Ian, had been carrying this ring for a whole month or so waiting for a perfect moment but when we started planning on coming to Kauai for a much needed vacation from our work lives, he knew it had to be the magical Kauai…
engagement on na pali
enegaged 2
He kept insisting on putting a day aside to hike to the longest falls in Kauai beside the beautiful Na pali coast and I was fine with the idea but kept trying to sneak in other ideas (like – oh wouldn’t it be cool if we did this other hike instead, or lounged by the beach instead ha-ha and he would just respond – No this hike is a much better idea), So yesterday (sunday) we set out to hike 4 miles out to see this amazing falls, the hike up, along na pali coast is breezy and beautiful with streams to cross, a beach out-let to cool down and all around various indigenous plants protected by the state of Hawaii
Once we got to the falls, I was so beat, all I wanted to do was drag Ian into the water so we could cool down before heading back but he wouldn’t go in, instead he wanted to hike up further onto a ledge closer to the height of the waterfall where there was a spray of water and nice view of the waterfall (I refused a few times then finally decided, ah what the h***, I’ll just go). Up at the ledge, I was busy taking pictures and Ian sat there looking at me (I was starting to get annoyed because he usually would be taking about something or exploring around but instead he was just sitting there! ha-ha) then finally I sat on his lap so we could enjoy the waterfall together and people watch down below….and thats when he told me how amazing our lives have been with each other, the ups and downs we’ve been through for the past 2.5 years and how he would love to spend the rest of his life with me…..awwww tear, and I said yes!
engagement photo
Since our families are scattered all over the place and my family lives oceans away, we will hopefully be getting married in my home country Kenya end of next year (aaahhhh….I can’t believe we’re engaged..ENGAGED is a beautiful word ha-ha)

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