In Paradise day 1

Guys, I just landed in paradise aka Kauai island in Hawaii and it’s breathtaking out here. Right off the plane and onto the beach while waiting to check in into the hotel. Hawaii is 3 hours behind in time difference from Washington, so my day just got 3 extra hours in it….yeah am not complaining ha-ha
Life here is so laid back and slow, with chicken literally everywhere (am serious), but they don’t bother anyone..they may be wild – don’t think anyone really owns them.
I am wearing my asos one piece swim suit and forever 21 boat hat (does this hat make me look amish? ha-ha), even though floppy hats are more popular and “beachy”, I opted for a boat hat because I just died of cuteness when I spotted it 🙂 After frolicking on the beach, I just slipped on some shorts and headed to get some food.
proof of chicken everywhere
Plumeria flowers on trees, the flowers that make leis.
I can’t wait to explore more of kauai.. good night friends

3 Comments on “In Paradise day 1

  1. The place is so breathtaking
    And you look oh so lovely with the hat and the swim suit
    Can’t wait to see more of the place
    Heh Hio jina

    Ahaha chicken everywhere my fellow tribesmen would be so proud lol
    Great post

    • Thanks Alexis, Hawaiian names sound kind of funny and are very hard to pronounce lol, and I agree this would be a definite paradise for you and your tribesmen haha

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