Some of my favorite things to do lately are getting out of the house and exploring (solo or with friends), having meaningful conversations with people who actually listen, blogging and photography(of course), listening to audiobooks(I would rather read a book but I love to do this on my commute to work) and reading poetry (this is new, I hated poetry back in high school haha). I hate to let negativity wear me down, I convince myself on a daily basis that failure is meant to make us stronger and that I am who I am, where I am at the right time. It’s easy for people to look and judge you without knowing or understanding what you are going through, people can be hurtful and discouraging at times. I have made it upon myself to surround myself with those I truly love in hard times, and remember that I am the only one who can bring myself up, I have to be there for myself always and thats ok.
Failure can tear us down and make us feel like we have no value in this world, but it is meant to give us value by testing our ability to do things. Despite the many failures I have been dealing with this couple months, I have found strength in talking to the right people…I have also made the mistake of confiding in the wrong people, who utterly bruised my ego and made me feel worse than before. We all at some point go through times like this when we are full of doubts about our capabilities and value, remember this is normal and perfectly ok, you will get through it and in happy times you’ll have a story to tell 🙂 happy monday friends!
Outfit details:
Dress – thrifted originally from target
Shoes – Target

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