target dress 2
vintage 1
Today I pulled out my target dress, last summer’s favorite dress of mine and spent the day thrifting and organizing things around here. I later went for a walk at this little hidden gem and got to take some outfit pics. This little place close to my house is in the middle of a residential area, has a little sign that says “dead end” but once you get past the sign…..voila..
It is so peaceful and gorgeous, blackberry and raspberry bushes everywhere (and some other yellow berries haha), some women walking dogs were picking berries, washing them in the stream and eating them…I don’t know how clean that stream is, it goes all the way to a bigger outlet on the other side of town where people deep sea dive, fish, “pseudo-surf”, swim etc, hopefully they didn’t get sick later
collage 1
university place
Thank you Linet for nominating me for the liebster award, I will get to it as soon as I can.
outfit details:
Dress and Shoes – target
Necklace – F21
vintageblack and white
Happy friday ladies and gentlemen

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