Mailbox peak hike/Motivational monday

so yesterday I made my way up the mountains and hiked the mailbox peak trail for the second time. I hadn’t checked updates on the trail to know what it looked like at this time of year, so it was kind of an impulsive move. The trail looked fine at the bottom (better than in winter), the old trees blocking the hike (I had to climb over last time) had been removed and the trail seemed a little worked on, which was nice. However at the 3.15 mile mark, I started to walk in muddy puddles and see little snow flurries around me…..then my phone died…

I wasn’t at all freaking out, because the trail had a lot of hikers that day so I figured if something happened to me, someone would find me pretty quick haha (yeah I kind of live dangerously…….jokes) 

Anyhow during this hike, I was able to be disconnected from electronics and “urban life” and be sorrounded by nature for a solid 4 hours, just listening to waterfalls, streams rushing through, birds chirping, have conversations with total strangers on the hike,  have snow flurries falling on my face and hair and enjoy the beauty of the creator from the top. I intentionally did not carry my camera and didn’t plan on taking pictures..all I wanted was to get lost and enjoy the moment. 

It wasn’t all smiles though, my legs were hurting like crazy, the steepest part of the hike (which is 0.4 miles to the peak/mailbox), was basically like an ice rink, I didn’t have proper equipment either, and like a couple of others, I was slipping and falling everywhere….but it was totally worth it! At the top, after the struggle….people were taking pictures of course, to someday remember this journey or for some to show their friends and followers on the Internet what they had conquered. It made me think of how similar this is to the life today, we see friends and strangers on the net seeming happy and well put together always and it’s easy for people to judge from that and think they smoothly landed where they are without struggles or hard work. These happy lives portrayed on the Internet depress some people because it makes them wonder why their lives aren’t so perfect…..comparison is a thief of short, nobody has a perfect life…most “internet people” even go to the extent of hiring photographers, just so they can capture that perfect picture. Be your own comparison, and don’t live life to impress others. I also came across this on a book , “if you are online on social media, contribute your own”, people who only log on to see what others are upto can be trapped in that zone of feeling like you’re less than perfect unlike everyone else…if you don’t contribute online, then don’t log in to check on others…..make sense?

Life is also about choices, we choose our own path and the happiest people are those that choose to be happy. We can have the shittiest lives, with unaccomplished dreams but we’ll be happy if we chose to and vice versa. 

Happy Monday people.

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