For visual readers (lol…jokes), the above are recent pictures taken with my DSLR….I am enjoying photography in spring because everything is so alive. The ferry is in a small cute historic neighborhood close to where I live and hopefully in future I’ll share more photos, the picture of me standing is me practicing focus points and manual shooting…I get so thrilled when I learn new tricks…if you have been a beginner DSLR learner I know you share this moment lol, the other pictures are random, p.s those trees do blossom in spring and it should be gorgeous 

I also feel like I have no time for anything!!!, I have so many ideas but no time for actions..current situation:

yeah, it’s time for me to renew my BLSand I went ahead and signed up for ACLS (I didn’t know I should study for ACLS before class..oops!) thanks to the bf for having an extra copy for ACLS , am now reading it like a novel befor e class tomorrow morning 😁, I hope I pass, I’ve heard of HP’s who’ve failed the class(I didn’t even know that was possible lol) …I better pass because it is freaking expensive. I am also turning a year older in April and I am eying those sandals from Seychelles *hint*

Anyhow, hopefully during the weekend i’ll do some outfit posts…I am so jealous of you guys who post everyday/every other day. Lastly, I might be starting some DIY projects to make things (jewelry, clothing) I like but can’t find my size or my taste, hopefully  that will go well lol. Cheers guys!


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