I hate to abandon my blog but life happens sometimes and priority shifts. 

So…March was my favorite person’s easy month, in terms of working, so we got to spend lots of time together. 

Last weekend we went to woodinville Wa for wine tasting with some friends and we ended up doing a brewery tour and distillery tasting, in addition to the wine tasting…. Let’s just say our tummys weren’t too happy and leave it at that 😊

If you live in the Pnw and like wine tasting/summer concerts with wine involved, woodinville will not dissapoint, and they have amazing places to eat too. 

So those pictures somehow sum up March…

How about outfit pics and photography you may be wondering? /or not? …… I will hopefully get more time to take pics in the next few days before the end of the week


Aren’t midi skirts darling?, and I wish my style pics came out as neat…oh well 😒 lol

I hope you are inspired too, my next style post will have something to do with midi skirts.

-purejackie- ✌️

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