Sister style

So the sister finally re-surfaced!! Yay, and she put together this outfit. Every item was bought in various local (kenya) stores and flee market. 

After seeing my sister’s outfit, I warned her I would be rocking same colored pieces soon because  my most recent buys were a taupe midi skirt and tan brogues…..great minds huh?

On a different note, I was talking to some of my friends who are about my age and graduated from their first degrees and started  working adult jobs, and all of them did not like their jobs – this is not to say that they have terrible jobs, but their expectations about these jobs fell short and reality is not what they thought it would be. Then I stumbled upon this Forbes magazine article about why people stay in jobs they hate and the truth is, 75% of the world’s population do not like what they do for work, but they stay anyway because of what this jobs represent – security, enough money to afford a certain kind of lifestyle, doing something that gives us value and purpose, and if you don’t have valid, serious reasons other than you don’t like what you do, the best thing is to keep your job, unless of course you are purely miserable and can’t provide quality work/you’re being affected in a bad way by being at that place…

All these were good food for my brain 😀, feel free to share in the cements of you agree with me or not..

Did you guys enjoy my sister’s style?, I loved it, very casual and chic street style. unlike me the  “dress queen”, Esther is the “skirt queen” , but she’s pushing me towards getting more skirts 😊

hope y’all are having a great weekend…I definitely am.


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