Marching into…

oly6It’s march ladies and gents!, whoa, this year is starting to get old already. Like my cheesy clever post title btw?

Spring needs to show up asap because I need some life in me. Today I was really excited to explore, esp because I thought we’d get some sun(it was sunny all weekend but i was stuck indoors braiding my hair, and binge watching dexter 🙂 )  and I could take sunrise pictures? the clouds showed up instead. The funny part was that I could spot the sun rising in a different part of washington, like miles and miles away from me – the struggle (insert eye-roll).


oly 2

Outfit details: Gold-pink glitter sweater : f21//polka dot leggings:Rue 21//shoes: target//scarf: Leavenworth local store

So this weekend I decided to re-do my braids and I was surprised with how well they came out, they are longer than I wanted but I like them for now. I never in my life thought I could attach braids to my hair…I guess dreams do come true, now I don’t have to spend 200 dollars every two months, whoop! whoop!

oly5Oh and have you guys heard the new Rixton album, it’s pretty good, y’all should check it out, it’s been on replay on my phone for like every single day haha

Have a nice monday guys, sending good vibes your way

oly12my braids are loooo-ooong haha

– purejackie-


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