Being humble and patient

1 pointYesterday I was really upset when I posted that long career change post because of some bad experiences at work. My work environment is very chain-command oriented and people boss each other a lot. If you know me well, you know that I hate confrontations and being told what to do (bossy pants personalities), unless of course it is my manager, who is a lovely woman whom I thoroughly respect. My main issue is with my co-workers (all older than me by 10+ yrs), who tend to think I am a child and have no respect for what I do or say, and its frustrating because we have to work together.

I honestly do love nursing, forget my rant yesterday, I get very good feedback from my patients and that’s what’s important, co-workers will never be a “package from heaven”, so I will fix my attitude and keep doing what I do best and remember what’s important and what’s not.

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Sorry mum for my weird mood swings 🙂 but you would understand if you saw what I deal with everyday. Even though this blog is supposed to be my happy place where I forget my work frustrations, sometimes its good to put things out of your system and see what goes on in your head when you re-read them, and as a way to share things/connect with my friends/family who live far away from me, and will always help me put things into perspective. I hope this weird stage of career stagnancy will soon pass because I am losing my mind……………in a very bad way

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YAY to awesome PNW kodak moments that are keeping me sane


2 Comments on “Being humble and patient

  1. Hi Jackie,

    I work in an environment where I am surrounded by mostly danes. It’s a tough challenge because there’s a language barrier between me and my colleagues. I am not perfect in danish and I’m still struggling with it although I understand almost 90%. I don’t believe in giving up.

    Don’t let your co-workers decide for you and boss you around. Stand strong and say what you feel like. It makes a difference. If they hurt you, tell them that they did hurt you. I’m learning that speaking my mind and sharing my feeling with others is truly helping me. And beside look at it a challenge that will soon pass by. You will be shocked how strong you’ll be in a couple months to come or even years. Sending you lots of love form Denmark

    • Thanks Michelle for your comment, I will not give up, and you’re right about the speaking up part, i don’t know why, but it’s just hard to do so without people blowing up things and starting an working on that one

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