It’s been raining all day every single day, and when the sun pops up at sunset am trapped indoors working. Today was very strange in terms of weather, It was pouring rain and dark clouds on one spot and sunshine on a different spot, I literally stood outside to watch this weird thing happen…ok enough about that interesting topic on the weather. Today I felt like a rainbow in the midst of a storm in terms of my outfit haha….people were really staring at me since (or so I felt) my colors really popped (am guessing), who says I can’t wear bright clothes on rainy, gloomy days..

I could not spot a soul in bright colors, everyone was all black and grey coats….


DSC_0207Skirt &Earrings – Charlotte Rousse// Boots – Ross// Tights – H&M// Sweater – F21

I really loved my outfit today, my blush, cable knit sweater is so cozy and warm, and this skirt is super adorable!!! Since it was raining all day, I chose to wear boots because I was going to be walking up and down, outside. I bought these boots 2 years ago and they are still in good shape. I wear them a lot and use them as rainboots (bad, I know) but they still look good..thanks Ross.






I hope y’all had a good friday, let me know if you like the outfit 🙂


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