So today was just a normal work day, until I went to get dinner at this Mexican restaurant close to my job and the lady serving me was exceptionally nice, you know, the genuine kindness that most customer service people lack? (At least in Washington). She went an extra mile of sampling drinks for me when I declined something just because I didn’t know what it was (which I was gonna pay for anyway, with or without). The drink was horchata btw which is “aww-sum”, She made my day without even knowing it.
On another note, I am craving SUMMER!!!, I miss hiking (and yes I can still go out but no one will go with me, and solo hiking isn’t for me – what if I get attacked by coyotes? 😳) , here is a list of my top 3 musts at least in spring:

– Palouse falls, Wa :
this place is heavenly from the pictures I’ve seen from pnw’ers

– three ice caves

– Olympic national forest (it’s so large and the trails are awesome)

old pictures below of last summer:

Reminiscing summer days - lake louise wa

Reminiscing summer days – lake louise wa



IMG_0836 IMG_0838



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