I feel like the ultimate way to jinx myself is by making new years resolutions, but I will go ahead and make declarations instead (insert harry potter voice)…

– I declare to be bolder this year (my mind is filled with ideas it’s about to explode, but yet I shy away from exploring this ideas)

– I declare to be less afraid of failure (this is how we learn)

– I declare to appreciate my friends and family a little bit more than i’ve done in the past

– I declare to not live by comparison, but through expression of who I am (we are all more beautiful in and out than we think we are)

– I declare to smile a little bit more to strangers (I am that person who gives back a look of horror when a stranger smiles at me) – ode to my Nairobi up-bringing where sass was rather important lol

– And last but not least…..I declare to learn how to code (I have always wanted to since high school days – as a hobby)

– love purejackie-

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